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Just Getting Started!!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Greetings to the Delavan Lake Quality website!! This website is still a "work in process", so we appreciate your patience and understanding as we pull decades of history, and countless hours of dedication from the current team members... into focus!

Our fundamental purposes are as follows...

1) To help our audience of local residents, businesses and stakeholders understand "why the quality of our previous lake should matter!!"

2) To help our stakeholders understand "what defines, contributes to and hurts" our lake quality.

3) And to help all those who can understand what they can do to help our lake be the best it can be!!

In the coming weeks, you will see the site continue it's development process. We have opened up our construction, sort of speak, to allow for inputs and feedback. We hope that you will be compelled to pass along any thoughts you may have regarding the utility of the site and the information it contains!

Thank you again! and...

Keep Coming Back!!

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