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Just Getting Started - Again!

Updated: Jul 6

I was never a huge John Denver fan, but when I met this girl in 1979 (who was eventually to become my wife of 44 years) she was! So... well, ya know!

In the song "Rocky Mountain High", there is a snippet of lyrics that describes a bit of what is going on with this website (, and our renewed commitment to our Blog:

He was born in the summer of his 27th year
Comin' home to a place he'd never been before!

When I started this site back in late 2019, I was full of intense energy to accelerate previously identified, but languishing, projects and actions to improve the water quality of Lake Delavan. Even though I had first been introduced to Delavan Lake 47 years prior, I knew nothing about "lake quality"! So I decided I would work to educate myself, and then make that knowledge available to others, hopefully in an "easy to understand" way!!

Much of that "what is needed, and why" knowledge came from other homeowners who were actively working for water quality improvements themselves; Mary O'Connor was the realtor who sold us our place by the lake (she was also the president of the Delavan Lake Improvement Association (DLIA) at that time). Mary Knipper was both a part of the DLIA and also a Town of Delavan Supervisor and member of the town Lake Committee (currently Town Chairperson). But one individual was particularly inspirational, Dan Lemanski. Dan was (still is) a neighbor and long-time property owner who has consistently devoted personal time and effort to directly improve the Delavan Lake water quality! He was instrumental in past dredging efforts on the Mound Road Ponds (2007), the Inlet (2011), and Brown's Channel (2011)!

Back to the website and starting over...

Over the last couple of years, my focus shifted from this website to other activities that were directly related to lake water quality projects. I became an active proponent for dredging the Mound Road Ponds and spent a couple of years on the Town of Delavan Lake Committee. However, having tried the direct approach, I have found that the need to help other Delavan Lake lovers understand the basics of water quality is still sorely needed! Therefore, I have come back to the project I started back in 2019!

Like before, our fundamental purposes are as follows...

1) To help our audience of residents, businesses, and stakeholders understand "why the quality of Delavan Lake is important!!"

2) To help our stakeholders understand "what defines, contributes to, and hurts" our lake quality.

3) And to help all those who can understand what they can do to help our lake be the best it can be!!

So thank you for being patient! Please participate in providing feedback so the website will provide the information on Delavan Lake Quality that is the most meaningful to you!

And... in the words of the Whitesnake song... Here I Go Again!

I've made up my mind
I ain't wasting no more time
But, here I go again!
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