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This website is dedicated to the water quality and safety of Delavan Lake, Wisconsin, and keeping the greater Delavan Lake community informed. 

Why Should Delavan Lake's Water Quality Matter to You?


Learn More about What Drives Delavan Lake Water Quality

The phosphorus and chlorophyll levels in Delavan Lake effect its quality and clarity (also measured by its secchi depth). Click below to learn more about how these levels affect Delavan Lake Quality. 

Find Out What's Being Done to Improve the Quality of Delavan Lake

Concerned citizens have been working hard to keep our lake clean and healthy. Find out what's being done and how your allocated tax dollars are being but to good use!

Get Involved in the Quality of Delavan Lake

Local groups and leaders meet regularly to discuss the water quality of Delavan Lake, but it's up to the greater community to to inquire and speak out about the issues that matter to you. 

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